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Introduction to the Logical Horse Racing app

When you start to look at any race, you’re faced with information overload:

• Daily and weekly sporting press • Dozens of websites • Daily TV shows......

You have to deal with a torrent of data about horses, jockeys, the going, times, distances, form, trainers, the draw….and we could go on!!!

The great news is that the Logical Horse Racing app helps you makes sense of ALL this without the need to devote hours of your precious time.

In fact we think you’ll be amazed when you see how the Logical Horse Racing App allows you to evaluate up to and including a eight horse race in just 10 minutes.

To make it work, you simply download the app, input the horse’s saddle cloth number, its weight, its current form rating and some brief details about its previous race. All this information is available free from your daily newspaper or on free racing websites.

Then our horse race calculator within the Logical Racing App uses a proven mathematical formula to calculate and evaluate these numbers for you. It rates the horses in a clear numerical ranking which highlights the horses that have a chance of winning and make your racing investments successful.

The system behind the app has been tried and tested over twenty years of punting.

The Logical Racing app works on iPhone, iPad, most Android phones and tablets including Kindles.

You can also download the app now from iTunes, Google Play or Amazon.

Have a look round our site and watch our videos to learn more. For tips on how to get the most out of our app please check App FAQ and Blog.

Take the logical approach and enjoy your race investing!

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