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Logical Horse Racing App FAQ

Q. The Logical Horse Racing App ‐ Why?

It’s the answer for any busy racing investor. We are faced with a torrent of information (print, radio, online etc) about Horses, Jockeys, Going, Time Trials, Form, Distances, Trainer, The Draw etc. Who can make sense of it all?
Not many investors have the time, the computers or the expertise required. What we need is quick reliable way of putting the fun back into racing investing. Well it’s here. The Logical Horse Racing App allows you to evaluate an eight horse race in 10 minutes.
It’s easy and it’s enjoyable. All you need is the Logical Horse Racing App and a daily news paper (or any other daily form source) of your choice.
Simply input:
• The horses number
• Its weight
• Current Form
• Rating
• Details about its previous race
From this information the Logical Horse Racing App will not only rate the horses for you. It will give you a clear numerical ranking and highlights the top two rated horses in the race. Our method has been tried and tested over twenty years. The mathematics and logic behind this application highlight the horses that have the greatest chance of winning week after week.


Q. What platforms can I download the APP to?

Apple devices – including iPhone & iPad
Android phones ‐ although we cannot test it on every android enabled device in theory it should work on all android devices including tablets
Coming soon to Amazon Kindles


Q. Do I need to be constantly connected to the internet to use the APP?

No you do not need to be connected to the internet. Once you have downloaded the APP it can be used at any time, on or offline.


Q. What type of races can be calculated on the APP?

Any race. The system works on horse races worldwide.
UK – Ireland - Europe ‐ America – Australia – Asian


Q. What are the best races to use with the app?

Any Race where the contestants have all three of the following:
1. An allocated or stated weight
2. Previous form or racing history
3. A current form rating


Q. Where can I obtain this information?

1. Form book
2. Internet
3. Daily newspaper


Q. Why only 8 runners?

The size of a mobile phone screen makes it difficult to show more than 8 runners at a time. This is the only reason why we have 8 runners as a maximum currently.
However if you need to analyse more than eight runners:
1. Enter the first 8 horses and make a note of the results.
2. Enter new calculation with the remaining runners (I would suggest that you start 2nd calculation with horse No 9 – 10 etc).
3. Compare both calculation results – the highest rating contestants will be obvious.
4. Always keep a quick list of rated horses in case you have a none runner. You can then promote the next rated runner up the list. For example: Horse 1 = 210 Horse 2 = 200 Horse 3 = 198 Horse 10 = 197 Please note‐ calculator only keeps the last calculation in its memory


Q . What if a horse has not run within 30 days?

Leave the slider at 0.


Q . What if the horses last position was higher than 4th (ie 5th – 8th ..... PU – US etc)

Leave the slider at 0.


Q. What if there is more than one top rated horse?

Two top rated Runners? Follow both (these are your two top rated runners)
Three equal top rated? If the odds allow follow all three. If not, leave well alone.


Q. What if the horse form is rated over 130?

Divide all the runners form ratings by two and input in to app.


If you have any other questions please get in touch @ info@logicalhorseracing.co.uk