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Logical Horse Racing App

Logical Horse Racing gets it’s nose in front of other racing knowledge apps!

See Logical Horse Racing in action here! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHjCCuhRnoY

Horse Racing may be the ‘Sport of Kings’ but consistently picking winners and making a profit from a serious logical system has been the preserve of a lucky few - until now.

Logical Horse Racing is the answer for any busy racing investor. Factoring in every possible facet or variable of racing knowledge and information - horses, jockeys, going, time trails, form, distances, trainer etc is virtually impossible for a person but is a nap for this app!

Logical Horse Racing can provide a thorough evaluation of an eight horse race in 10 minutes - it’s that simple. All a user has to do is input the horses number, it’s weight, current form rating, some details about it’s previous race, and then wait for Logical Horse Racing to crunch the vital statistics. The app not only rates the horses in the race but gives a clear numerical ranking and highlights the top two rated horses in the race.

Whether the user is focussing on the Cheltenham Festival, the Kentucky Derby or the Melbourne Cup - Logical Horse Racing works internationally and can operate in nearly every country’s racing markets.

Logical Horse Racing has been recently updated and available right now for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad from the iTunes store; Android smartphones and tablets from the Google Play Store and Kindle devices from the Amazon app store.

The knowledge behind Logical Horse Racing has been working for over 20 years but only now does the mobile technology exist to bring this expertise to the wider audience of serious racing investors and followers.

Put Logical Horse Racing in your pocket and put your chances of coming out ahead into the winners circle!

Notes to Editors
For more information on the app please contact info@logicalhorseracing.co.uk  or visit www.logicalhorseracing.co.uk

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